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Episode Twentytwo | Stereo Zeitgeist Interviews Jonathon Newby

"Chicago is the product of modern capitalism, and, like other great commercial centers, is unfit for human habitation."
- Eugene Debs
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OMGZ dudes, NIN have a new CD out! And Timbaland is producing it! Forum! Now!

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We did a slight touchup to the article pages. You'll notice it.

The top story is one of my favorite experiences since starting this darn music blog thingy. I got to talk to Jonathon motherfuckin Newby! He's one of my all-time musical heroes, so... yeah, great. He's also a very visually minded writer, so where you can sometimes do interviews where the other guy is just conveying information, Newby gives you the visual. It's good stuff.

When you’re talking about a group like Brazil, it’s very easy to lose sight of the big picture - there’s such a barrage of sonic and lyrical preferences that go into their music that you almost have to feel it out when explaining them to someone else, section by section, like a blind man fondling an elephant. Six piece. Keyboards. High ranged singer. Sorta like Yes/Queen/At The Drive-In/Rush/Whoever. Hailed from the mean streets of… Muncie, Indiana?

That’s right, Indiana - world famous for automobile racing, awesome popcorn, and housing death row inmates, but not so much on the whole rock music thing. Of course, my friends and I all thought of Tennessee as a hellish backwater until we spent some time there - then we were surprised to see how varied and vibrant that state was musically. So when I got the chance to talk to Brazil frontman Jon Newby, I first asked if there was more to Indiana from a touring and musical perspective than the average person might expect, and whether it was harder to make career advancements from Muncie, as opposed to a place on the coasts...

More free music! This time it's Kasabian, offering their Vlad The Impaler single for download for the next three days. Click through to get the link AND a YouTube video to see if you like the song.

Even though they picked out the wrong member of The Boosh to team up with for their video, Kasabian’s earning points for releasing their next single, Vlad The Impaler, for absolutely nothing. First you can check out the video on YouTube, then you can sign up on Kasabian’s website to get it sent to you.
And, we always want to cover classic material. This time we did a story on The Millenium's 1968 record Begin:

Creative control is a buzzword that gets a lot of love from artists, but let’s be honest - creative freedom is not for everyone. You might enjoy a suspenseful, cleverly told story in the theatres, but once you bring in the Extended Directors Cut on DVD with added special effects and an extra half an hour running time, you might learn it was probably for the best that the director didn’t have all of the tools to achieve his vision - the restraint forced him to be creative, and make the tough choices that led to a great work.

In order to succeed with creative control of a work, it’s probably best to have knowledge of more than one facet of production - in the same sense that a chef would be suited to take a few business classes before he opened his own restaurant.

A Future In Noise is always finding new music. This time it's Midnight Glass, the new album from Dead Times. Click the link and get the full album sent right to your computer!

Arizona experimental duo Dead Times (Travis Bunn and Calvin Markus) have recently released their album Midnight Glass for free on-line download. Their sound resides in a spooky dreamworld- perhaps what would happen if Fever Ray, William Basinski, and Department of Eagles were rolled into one dark ball of glorious noise.
You can also find a streaming listen of Seeland's Tomorrow Today, and The Noisette's covering The Killers among other interesting goodies. Go check it out!

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Ah, another sucessful outing.
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