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Episode Twentyone | Nigel Pulsford Interview,, and Why Twitter Sucks, + Free Music!

"I began revolution with 82 men. If I had to do it again, I do it with 10 or 15 and absolute faith. It does not matter how small you are if you have faith and plan of action."
- Fidel Castro
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We aren't too far away from the last episode of ER - do you still watch ER or take any interest in it? Are there other longrunning shows you've still got an interest in?

What shows are you going to this year, and are there any bands out there who's best material is ahead of them and not behind them?

Finally... if you whack your pud on an airplane next to someone else... are you cheating?
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Will The Please Stand Up? is a discussion on's price hikes on the majority of countries, and the unpleasant economic realities that come with label greed and the "everything is free" mentality of Internetters.

I’ve always had to wear two hats when it comes to commerce online. While it’s really easy to demagogue because they’re a corporation acting corporation-y, the fact of the matter is that we’re in a global recession - advertiser money is not exactly flowing like wine right now, and there are a lot of real world expenses involved with putting out a worldwide streaming radio thingamabob - bandwidth isn’t free, and record labels are still in their distressing old world mentality when it comes to royalties (hey, does anybody remember when radio was Free Promotion and labels busted ass to get exposure for songs? OK, me neither).

But in the same way the free market is completely amoral when it comes to the laws of commerce, it’s also amoral on the other end - that of user choice. How many internet companies have made the mistake of thinking brand loyalty means anything on the internet?

And also, we sought out former Bush guitarist Nigel Pulsford for his thoughts on working from home, balancing work and family, and a possible Bush reunion.

Oh no, we're not previewing this. Read the article!
It turns out that Doug is not a fan of Twitter - and months of mumbling culimated in one of our most explosive rants. Here's God Is Dead, And Twitter Killed Him:

We HAVE to stop this thing. We have to. It’s getting absurd. I’ll give you a true example, and I mean, honest to God, I’m not trying to be funny here. I’ve been trying to wake up earlier in the morning, even though I don’t go into work until way later anyway and could sleep half of the day sleeping like a bum, drooling down the side of my chin, so I’ve been attempting to use the today show as an alarm clock. So I’m watching, and this greased up, ratfaced Ryan Seacrest wannabe Billy Bush is co-hosting the last hour of it (I guess Kathie Lee Gifford was changing Cody’s diaper that day or something). And he’s expounding the virtues of Twitter and claiming it can be emotional and have, and he mentions Natasha Richardson’s death as an example and says that he twittered, in response, “those two boys have lost a mother…” ON TWITTER.

How deep. How profound! How emotional!

I remember sitting there on my couch thinking: the world has literally just punked itself. Because there isn’t a mental bar for entry for this thing if Billy Bush can get in on it. Right now, any douchebag with a hundred dollar blackberry can now expound a complete and merciless barrage of banality in the guise of profound thought in 140 characters or less. God is dead, and Twitter killed him.

Blur week at A Future In Noise turned out to be an Epic Fail - these damn bloggers and their Real Lives!  But there's always lots of stuff going on there - I wanted to draw your attention to the totally FREE release of L'Avventura's debut album, Your Star Was Shining:

s realized as an album you would expect out of a band that had been together for decades more than they have, with a reverence towards their influences. Taking lyrical and vocal cues from the likes of Elvis Costello and T. Rex, with dashes of glam glitz and tried-and-true rock sensibility, this is clearly a bunch steeped in rock music history, keeping things current all the while with a uniquely L'Avventura spin. This is a true case of "all killer, no filler", from the thoroughly groovy ("Swandive" and "Black Venus") and somberly sweet ("Rocket Sue", "Ms. Yugoslavia", and "Queen of the Forest") to some true gems of songcraft ("Ms. Yugoslavia" and "Angela Priest"). Expect great things from L'Avventura in times to come. The band has made Your Star Was Shining available for free download until 4/30/2009- grab it now!
Go and click the link for the download, I wouldn't point you to it if it was trash. Lastly, I threw in an embed of Team Teamwork's The Ocarina Of Rhyme - basically it's hip-hop meets N64 Zelda, which sounds like a disaster, but should at least make you smile.

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