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Episode Nineteen | Can We Hug It Out?

"Anything worth doing is worth overdoing."
- Mick Jagger
On The Forums

The forums are back up, and have been for a little while! We're talking RE5 multiplayer and the release of Watchmen. There's people that hate it!


On The Main Page

Well, let's see. First there's  A Brief Guide To Musicians On Twitter, which is a history of the evolution of Union tactics during the first civil war. This is a little shorter than our usual work, but it was an interesting topic. Click through the article.

While it’s fairly understandable that you could pick up short updates from your friends (eating chinese, LOL!), chances are you associate music with something deep that makes a permanent impact on you, and microblogging about delicious cake doesn’t seem to compute with those ideas. But even famous musicians are people too, and Twitter’s brief format allows for normally busy people to shoot off a couple of sentences from their phones from an airport without going through the trouble of logging onto their computers and waiting for a page to load and telling the world what they’ve been doing for the last few weeks - it’s an ideal format if you’re on the go and, you know, doing stuff.
And a few days earlier, we did a much more substantive article on the wonderful Alexis Thompson in Alexis Thompson, The Velvet Underground, and Populism. We've got some music at the bottom of this post and on our main page. L I S T E N. 

In the wake of the epic hosing the public has taken at the hands of crashing bank system, populism is at the zeitgeist of current politicial thought in the United States. There’s the idea that there’s some vast and incoherent rage “out there” in the sticks, and the guys who successfully tap into it will reap the rewards. Populism isn’t really a political ideology as it is a force, a strong feeling that can be manipulated in any direction. Basically, whenever there’s a large group of people who feel like they’re being cheated out of their possessions or their way of life, populism isn’t too far behind. And while populism has made the way for positive advances on both sides of the political aisle, no one should completely forget that David Duke and George Wallace, two of the most popular populist leaders in the history of the country, were… um… let’s be nice and say that history’s decided those two were on the wrong track.

And since it's been such a long wait, why not link to another article I enjoyed? Here's a list of the Five Most Overhyped Bands In Music Today from A Tender Praise:

There has always been hype and with hype always comes a backlash, but in the age of the internet, ideas are more outspoken and spread faster. A band like Vampire Weekend went from being the most talked about band on music blogs to the band that was “cool to hate.” Just as hype can be driven by a collective mass all agreeing with each other and all wanting to believe in something, backlash can as well. It can be trendy to like things and trendy to hate things. It is unfortunate that something as amazing as music can get caught up in this game but it is hard to avoid. Sometimes we find ourselves getting too wrapped up in the overhyping or overhating of musical acts. I am guilty. We are all guilty. A certain music review website might publish a review for an album and put it in its “best new music” section and we will find ourselves listening to it more than if it didn’t receive this acclaim. When I start to get wrapped up in some of this nonsense, I repeat a phrase that I first said to myself sometime back in early high school. “Listen to what makes your ears happy.” This has been my music listening motto ever since...

The Community

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