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Episode Eighteen | So, I Heard You Like Jazz Fusion, Bobby Jindal, And The Hot Boyz...

"You don't want to have a market economy represented in you because you were the original market economy!"
- Dr. Trisha Rose
On The Forums

Well, we're kicking helluva ass on MySpace... but our forums are down. Gahdammit. This is quite ridiculous. If you're reading this and you do webhosting, this might be a good time to send something to our inbox.

On The Main Page

Meanwhile, we've got two dramatically different articles on our site. First a short discussion on the state of hip-hop. Represent? Uh, Represent What?

Now, ignore the beat (which was hot as hell in 1998 or whatever, but just sounds tacky now), and the lyrics (which were never all that interesting), and the direction (surprisngly lowbudget) Put your eyes on the amenities: the big mansion, the jewelry, the girls, the helicopter (I guess Mannie Fresh is gonna airlift these dudes to Banana Republic or somethin’), the sportscars that were really badass in 1999… oh and the girls. All of it is 100% rented, and the dudes in the video went 100% broke a few years later. Juvenile? Broke. Turk? In jail, and broke. BG? Broke. Pretty sure Mannie is broke. If it wasn’t for Lil’ Wayne selling so many copies, there wouldn’t be any money at all coming through that label.
A few days ago, we did an article on John McLaughlin, Bobby Jindal, and how to respond when you have a
tough act to follow :

In order to keep the momentum of a show, a great opening act has to go out every night and walk a tightrope, striking the fine balance between drawing the crowd’s interest and stoking their excitement for the guys coming on after them and blowing them out of the water and making them look bad. You see the same thing in organized fighting. Mixed martial arts, boxing, hell, even professional wrestling obeys this rule: ratchet up the tension gradually, notch by notch, until it’s ready to explode. It’s good stagecraft, and it’s good fun.

But once in a while, you run into a complete jerkface who won’t cooperate with the time-honored laws of dramatic tension. Somebody full of themselves, determined to show you up and show you out.

No matter what your plan was to blow em away and make a big splash, there’s always an utter bastard like Barack Obama out to make you look like a complete assclown by comparison.

The Community

Thank​s again​ for the time,​ short​ as it might​ be! We're glad you spent the time with us.​ Help us out if you can!
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