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speedkills wrote in stereozeitgeist

Episode Seventeen | Why Does Everything Have To Fit On A Ringtone?

"Yeah I'm telling real stories, but if you pick up a documentary on strippers, you're going to want to see some stripping, so we definitely got that in there. "
- Method Man
On The Forums

We've passed 700 contacts on MySpace. Moo hoo ha ha. Our reach over the world continues to expand and extend.

Anyway, Ken Griffey Jr. has returned to the Seattle Mariners
. What does Dita Von Teese look like without makeup? And even though YouTube deleted that giant asskicking at the high school basketball game this week, we have obtained the footage! Exclusively! Thaaaat's right. You know, among other things.

There's also birthday's and other stuff, so as always, stop by the message board. It's good times.

On The Main Page

New.Anyway, the Oscars are the most bloated, masturbatory, and useless “spectacle” on TV, where a bunch of stupendously wealthy people gather together for a nice long group hug for three excruciating hours. The parts of the Oscars that are of actual interest to the public are about 15 minutes of action: Best Picture, Director, Lead Actor / Actress, Supporting Actor / Actress. Throw in a 45 minute preshow of famous people wearing pretty clothes and wrap that sucker up. Boom. In and out.
Slightly less new. Our tribute to music's
party crashers.

Do you remember the story If You Give A Mouse A Cookie? You give the mouse a cookie, he’ll ask for a glass of milk, and then a straw, and then a napkin to wipe his face with, and before you know it, radioactive zombie rats are raping your little sister while Courtney Love cheers them on. So even though The White Stripes, The Hives, The Strokes, The Vines and The Interpol (that’s their name, right?) could easily be thought of as radioactive rats vigorously humping the carcass of the modern musical landscape, Fred Fucking Durst is the useless ass sugar cookie that started all these problems in the first place.

The Community

Thank​s again​ for the time,​ short​ as it might​ be! We're glad you spent the time with us.​ Help us out if you can!
  • Join the forums. Please. Pretty please. The site and the MySpace is really all an extension of the forum. It is how we gauge our success. We've got a chatroom, an arcade, all the whiz bang stuff, but most importantly, there's a growing community. It's young, it's crawling, it's innocent. Like a little baby. You don't want to kill babies... do you?
  • If you like the blog entires, or hate them, or something in between, comment on it!
  • If you're on this list, it probably means you're cool people. Which means you know cool people. Show it to your friends, post a copy wherever you hang out online. If you can tell, we haul ass actually making this stuff, and even though we do our best, we don't have time to promote all over the planet.


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