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Episode Fiveteen | Are You Kidding Me?
speedkills wrote in stereozeitgeist

Episode Fiveteen | Are You Kidding Me?

"What's real? What's not? That's what I do in my act, test how other people deal with reality."
- Andy Kaufman
On The Forums

As usual, there are a few interesting bits on the message board. There's discussion of our favorite song lyrics, the abomination that is the Pepsi:Refresh anthem, and a website devoted to tasty and disgusting treats called This Is Why You're Fat

On The Main Page

Well, it's been a little while since we've sent out a MySpace bulletin, so if you're just reading bulletins, you're missing out some of the breaking updates and blog posts. They've been a little shorter than our usual penetrating features, but not much less entertaining. Heard about that Phoenix fella?

On one level, there’s Joaquin Phoenix giving an incredibly awkward and unintentionally hilarious with David Letterman, featuring one word answers, long pauses, a near walkout, and a famous movie star who very well have checked out of his motherfucking brain. There are three possibilities here...
Remember En Pursuit? You can download their demo now!

Download Winter In Reverse

And you missed a new showing of
Weekly Zeitgeist:

I took last week off, since I only ended up listening to one new album.
For whatever reason I just felt drawn to some old music, and that is
all I could listen to. Weakerthans, Rise Against, Gaslight Anthem,
Bayside, and Stars all had their role to play in this distraction. That
said this week’s also includes less obscure musicians…for the most part.

The Community

Thank​s again​ for the time,​ short​ as it might​ be! We're glad you spent the time with us.​ Help us out if you can!
  • Join the forums. Please. Pretty please. The site and the MySpace is really all an extension of the forum. It is how we gauge our success. We've got a
    chatroom, an arcade, all the whiz bang stuff, but most importantly, there's a growing community. It's young, it's crawling, it's innocent. Like a little baby. You don't want to kill babies... do you?
  • If you've got a blog, link to us! If you're a band with something decent to shill, send us a line!
  • If you like the blog entires, or hate them, or something in between, comment on it!
  • If you're on this list, it probably means you're cool people. Which means you know cool people. Show it to your friends, post a copy wherever you hang out online. If you can tell, we haul ass actually making this stuff, and even though we do our best, we don't have time to promote all over the planet.


..we leave you with EVEN MORE 13 day mission. laziness.

it frightens me, the awful truth of how sweet life can be...


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