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Episode Fourteen | Don't Pull A Haggard!
speedkills wrote in stereozeitgeist

Episode Fourteen | Don't Pull A Haggard!

"The more things a man is ashamed of, the more respectable he is."
- George Bernard Shaw
On The Forums

Well first of all, thank you for checking in. I have been Teh Sick as of late which is why the updates haven't been coming in the last few days. If you're new to us, you should pop in on February 5th.

Yes, we are doing another chat by popular demand, and no, were not doing it on Saturday night because apparently that's big fail potential. After a great deal of hassling back and forth, we're going to schedule 2 on that day. Dos! Compende?

The first one will be at 7PM GMT, which is 3PM Eastern.
The second will be at 10PM Eastern, which is like 2AM GMT. This gives people on the west coast of the US time to get home and chill or whatever.

Right now, it's mostly cracking up over stuff on YouTube. Christian Bale remixes and Katt Williams and stuff like that.

On The Main Page

LiveJournal account! Go! Tell Your Friends!

We've got a quicky today. Wanna talk about those gay urges?

Well, if they were trying to remind Tibetans exactly why they hate
living under the Chinese so much : Mission Accomplished! With the 50th
anniversary of the Tibetan uprising coming up, China’s cracking down in
advance with something they’re calling “strike hard” campaigns. Yes,
the Chinese are thrusting the rock hard peen of state authority into
Tibet’s… vagina? Anyway, sexual innuendo aside, China’s cracking down,
raiding houses and bars and hotels. In the last couple weeks, they’ve
locked up about 90 people - mostly for “unspecified criminal
activities” - although we do know that two people have been locked up
for having “reactionary music” on their cellphones.

Now, I am not one of those “free Tibet!” hippies - China’s human
rights record isn’t as good as it could be, but letting a theocrat like
the Dalai Lama run things on the basis of nothing more weighty than his
own religious belief seems a little much to me. However - there are
ways to get long term results when you’re in power, and this isn’t one
of them. Maybe the Chinese think they’re warning those citizens off
from starting any shit, but in reality, all they’re doing is raising
their visibility, making the citizens resent them more than they would
have in the first place.

New article, Covering 13 Day Mission's upcoming show in Atlanta:

Ten percent of people in this world are complete morons. I’ve seen people put the idiot number as high as thirty, but I figure two thirds of those people are just really stubborn. But that last third, they’re complete dillweeds. Ten percent of people couldn’t hold down a job if it just meant dressing nicely, showing up on time, having a seat, and not ruining everything. Ten percent of sportswriters don’t want to put Ricky Henderson into the Hall of Fame. Ten percent of dentists seriously want to hate on Crest toothpaste. I’m not sure whether these people defy the obvious for attention or not, but we all know somebody like this, who just gets a great amusement out of being a contrarian jackass.

There’s also another ten percent, the ones everyone looks up to, people who defy convention in all the right ways, not just shaking their heads and saying “no”, but opening our eyes to new possibilities and new ideas. Sometimes good timing helps, but when opportunity knocks, they’re always leaning against the door, ready to stumble in at full blast.

Something happened recently that made me wonder which camp I was in.

The Community

Thank​s again​ for the time,​ short​ as it might​ be! We're glad you spent the time with us.​ Help us out if you can!
  • Join the forums. Please. Pretty please. The site and the MySpace is really all an extension of the forum. It is how we gauge our success. We've got a
    chatroom, an arcade, all the whiz bang stuff, but most importantly, there's a growing community. It's young, it's crawling, it's innocent. Like a little baby. You don't want to kill babies... do you?
  • If you've got a blog, link to us! If you're a band with something decent to shill, send us a line!
  • If you like the blog entires, or hate them, or something in between, comment on it!
  • If you're on this list, it probably means you're cool people. Which means you know cool people. Show it to your friends, post a copy wherever you hang out online. If you can tell, we haul ass actually making this stuff, and even though we do our best, we don't have time to promote all over the planet.


..we leave you with MORE 13 day mission. we lost their article for a while, and i guess this is a way of saying thanks.

it frightens me, the awful truth of how sweet life can be...


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